Monday evening…

It’s been just 2 short weeks since …well, I don’t have to talk about it if you’ve been around. I’m still having a bit of a hard time at bed time, but it’s getting a little easier. The problem is that bedtime has always been difficult for me, with this little guy, so this just really perturbs me. 😦

We’re all just a touch sick still…T’s got some bug now, and P and I are getting over whatever it is we had, slowly. D seems to be doing the best, but she could go at any minute too, ha ha.

I don’t know that there’s much else to jabber at you about, but I just don’t want to be seen as an LD (those that read Sarcastic Mom know just what I’m talking about!).

Still holding pretty hard to my God’s hand. Sometimes I just have to stop and say “this is going to get hard for me. Help!?!?!” T bought an mp3 player for himself and me (D’s got a pretty good one, but she’s grounded until she makes something up at school) with our tax return (that’s not all that it went for—we got new brakes for the car, and a few other things…ha ha…few….not what I should have). My favorite things on mine, which is a Creative Zen (if you click on that, be prepared for some sounds! It’s not a lot, but it’s an advertisement after all), is the FM Radio (yeah, I know, all the good ones have it now, right?), and the ability to get some pretty big files on here. Like, it came with the ability to get a free book on tape (in mp3/wma form) from Audible (I got Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope). And I got an mp3 from Living on the Edge. I’m not going to explain which one, you can go and guess for yourself. I love my little companion.

What I think is really cool though? The radio station I play the most is the local station that plays The Family Life Network. I love all of their programing (that I’ve heard so far, though I’m sure I would be able to confidently say that as a blanket statement). But what I like best is that I can listen to it, hear a song, and go over to the website…and find their playlist. Which will tell me the name of a song I like on there and who sang it. So maybe then I can go download that mp3 somewhere—it’s just so cool 😀 I think the majority of the songs on here are Christian music. It won’t come up that way, but I know it is 😀

Okay, I’ve got to get to bed. It’s been a long day. And I actually got out and got some movement. Walking around a few stores around town, after we picked up D’s friend M. 🙂 Her mom has a doctor’s appointment in the morning…so we’re being nice and “watching” her until that’s done. 🙂


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