Sad day

My heart currently goes out to all the people who are affected by the plane crash up in Clarence Center. I can only imagine their pain, and the fear felt by the passengers just before the crash. I can tell you from personal experience, while not in the middle of winter, it’s no fun coming in on one of those puddle hoppers!

I’ve been listening to the coverage on Channel 2 in Buffalo, and I’ve been crying nearly the whole time. I hope that I don’t know anyone who was on the plane (it’s totally possible, who knows where the people who were on the plane lived, since the manifest hasn’t been released), but Western New York is a pretty close knit community. There’s Buffalo, and the Southtowns, and the Southern Tier, but we are still one, ya know?

Of course, I’m also starting to wonder something. My face has been really hot, nice and pink, for months now. And it doesn’t feel as bad now, just in the hour or so since I took my first dose of the blood pressure meds….a nice little additive to the Amoxicillin for whatever it is that we’ve got goin’ around here. The Physician’s Assistant saw that my bp has been up the last couple times I was there, so to be safe and “keep me around”, she prescribed a really low dose–10mg of the stuff I’m taking. And I don’t think my crying is just because of the plane crash—I’ve done so well and not taken any meds up until now, it’s sort of a pride thing I think. I’ve got to let go of my pride, this isn’t the first thing that I’ve had to just let it go. I wrote a post last night, and kept it private…one thing I wrote in there is that several nights since everything happened with P, I’ve gone into the shower and just cried. Prayed my heart out, talked to God, and just cried. Not because I’m angry with Him—I’m not at all angry with God, He’s here to take care of me through whatever it is I have to face, and I’ve never felt Him more real than I have in the 2 weeks since the stuff happened. Because I know how much I need Him, and He’s the only one I don’t feel ashamed crying in front of. So, I go in there, and cry because I need it. And I think that’s also part of what right now is about, too.

Do you realize it’s Friday the 13th? It doesn’t phase me, not really—today’s just a day like any other day. But, when I made the appointment for the doc, the receptionist noticed that it’s the 13th. Sorta laughed a little, that nervous laugh some people do.

Okay, well, back to your regularly scheduled memes, and more tears from me! 😛

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