Update on my week.

First I need to update the list of things that I had to do. So here you go: 😀

Pick up bathroom floor – done
Pick up living room floor – done once already
Pick up computer room floor – done once already (isn’t it fun how you have to keep doing stuff like this?)
Clear off the futon – done
Vac the floor – not done yet (the floor keeps getting messy again 😐 )
Sort the pile of clothes – done
Clear off the kitchen table – done
Dishes – some done
Make another loaf of bread – in the middle of rising
Wash clothes – some done
Fold clothes – not yet
Make dinner (something chicken) – not chicken yet
Make H&R Block phone call – done, appointment made for Monday at 12pm
Make doctor phone call – done, so far strep test is negative…I’m not surprised.

Things that have gotten lost that I hope to find

Medicine spoon – found!
Multiple Blessings – found!
Digital forehead thermometer – found! (under couch, which is where I thought it would be!)
Nursery schedule – found! (on futon, of which I’m not surprised)
My sanity – chances of this happening—slim to none

Now I don’t know that there’s anything else I need to talk at you about. I’ll have the other thing up here in a minute, because I’m going to use it to participate in a Sunday meme. And I’m going to do another one.


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