Saturday 9: Time Has Come Today – 2/7/09


Saturday 9: Time Has Come Today

1. What time of day do you usually play Saturday 9?

Depends on when I remember that I do this meme. Usually in the afternoon or evening.

2. At 9AM on a weekday, what are you doing?

Most days I’m still in bed, curled up next to a cutie 😀

3. At 9PM on any given night, what would you most like to be doing?

Watching some tv.

4. What is your most frequent activity online?

Blogging—whether writing here or looking at other people’s

5. Is there one day of the week that seems to fly by? If yes, why?

All of them. Because I’m a mom and there’s always something.

6. Do you agree that the older you get, the faster time seems to go by?


7. What is your favorite thing to do with free time?

Free Time? What’s that?

8. How much time do you spend alone? Would you like it to be more? Less?

What’s alone?

I’d say I’m happy with how little “alone” time I get…I don’t want to lose my babies.

9. If you could spend one hour doing something what would it be?



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