Friday Finally!

Good morning. (in some places, like here, it’s actually the afternoon already, wow!)

And it IS a good morning (or afternoon, I guess).

I’m feeling a LOT better. I feel little need for any fortifying drinks (thanks Lou), though I’m not sure we have an brandy or rum left around here. Scratch that—I did get me a coffee when I went out earlier. I just HAD to get out of the house, plus we needed a few things around here…milk, flour, garbage bags, dish soap. Plus I got some apples and, I figured why not? Some Sunny D too, for the little guy. He’s happy with that 😀

And I’m starting to clean. When I look around and say “bah! It’s horrible, I’m going to go hide on the couch and watch tv and do nothing all day” something is always wrong. What was it this last time—I got sick too. 😐 This week was NOT fun!

Anyhow, where was I? Oh yeah, I was going to tell you what around here needs done. This is more an accountability thing for me than it is a “hey, look at me” sorta thing. I don’t like people knowing my house is what I consider a wreck. My biggest fear, which I did think about with people tromping through my house with my little guy being sick this week, is that someone will come into my house, take one look around and think it’s so bad that they call CPS. There. I said it. T knows how deep this fear is. He’s LIVED that (when he was a kid, there are lots of stories I’ve heard. I don’t think we will ever get that bad [I hope, I totally intend that to make sure it never happens]. I want to get out of this house in part because I think the house is detrimental to this fear not being realized.). And yet, when my bedroom was a mess, and at least half a dozen emergency workers walked through my living room (thank HEAVENS I made sure to pick up my living room BEFORE putting the little guy to bed, other wise they would have been walking right through it!), no one said a thing. And while I’m in a deep secret revealing mood—I can’t get through telling Goldilocks to him each night anymore. I go to myself, between when she eats the porridge and discovers that she’s fallen on the floor because she broke the chair, “this is where it happened.” Last night I couldn’t even get all the way through it. Thank goodness I had my sore throat to fall back on—I just couldn’t do it, and how do you tell a 3 year old “sorry, honey, you scared the living daylights out of your mother on Monday, I just can’t do it anymore?” And every time he makes much of any noise that’s not words…..dang, it scares me more 😐 I just want to scream.

One thing that’s getting me through it all. I think you know what’s coming. Praying. Constantly almost. I’m definitely learning part of what it means to pray without ceasing. I pray “let me appreciate the fact that my little guy is okay.” “Let me appreciate that his seizure is non-life threatening.” “Let me enjoy that time I have with him and his sister and his daddy.” “Thank you thank you thank you thank you!” Yeah, thank you. Because, He was there the whole time. I felt it. He’s with me even now. He took care of my baby. He took care of me. He lets me cry out to Him, to ask Him for relief from my fears, to ask Him to help me through every step. You know, I have books to read, people to talk to about all this stuff. But there’s nothing (unfortunately) like living it.

Now, where was I?

Oh yeah, the things that need done:

Pick up bathroom floor – done
Pick up living room floor –
Pick up computer room floor –

(Actually, I’m going to take a moment and comment—it’s not everywhere on the floor that needs to be done. I just have to pick up the things that need to be put back where they belong and the little bit of trash left from what I didn’t manage to do while I wasn’t feeling well or managed to have others do. I have to delegate, not that they always listen 😦 )

Clear off the futon –
Vac the floor –
Sort the pile of clothes –
Clear off the kitchen table –
Dishes –
Make another loaf of bread –
Wash clothes –
Fold clothes –
Make dinner (something chicken) –
Make H&R Block phone call –
Make doctor phone call –

Things that have gotten lost that I hope to find

Medicine spoon – found!
Multiple Blessings – found!
Digital forehead thermometer –
Nursery schedule –
My sanity – chances of this happening—slim to none

I think that’s good for now. Let’s hope I can get back on the Working Willingly bandwagon next week.


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