Still around, but still….

Sick. Yup. Not feeling totally up to par yet. I think I’m slowly getting there, but I don’t feel like cleaning my house yet (and dang does it need it!) so, I’m not totally back to normal. 😦 I can’t wait until I am. I don’t like feeling horrible, and I don’t like my house looking horrible either. Plus, I can’t find the book my mom let me read first. 😦 I think it’s on the futon, though, because the bag I remember it being in last was (is) on there.

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  1. Okay – strong tea, Lipton’s is best – in a big mug.
    Honey – at least a tablespoon in each mug
    lemon Juice – concentrate is okay – you know, the squeezy ones
    Brandy or rum – optional

    Sip the tea, slowly, holding the mug up under your nose between sips to let the vapors into your head as you breathe.

    At least two mugs or more – you’ll feel fine tomorrow.

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