My Saturday – Warning, pictures of me!

You’re gonna have to forgive me, it’s really late at night (1:30am), and I’m really tired, but I’m getting the carrot cake baked and out to sit all night and cool off before being transferred to the washroom to chill until tomorrow afternoon when I will frost it and then we all get to share it with my dad. But, like I said it’s late and I might get snarky.

So, where was I? I’ve had to check the carrot cake layers…

Oh yeah, my day.

It was pretty good. I got up about 9, when T came in to lay down for an hour before we had to leave to get our new glasses. This is where the pictures of me come in. And you might end up wanting to leave after this, but….

My old glasses:


Not as big a fan of them as I thought I was 2 years ago. I like the new ones much better. They are more sturdy, and the frames more closely follow the lines of my eyes. And they’re not as big. I think they are much more librarian like. And, I got a compliment from my daughter on them…that I look like an intern from a fashion designer’s office or something (to my knowledge, she hasn’t seen much if any Ugly Betty.).

My new glasses:


And the piece de resistence…T’s glasses (his FIRST PAIR!):


I TOTALLY ❤ how he looks in these! But then I think he looks cute all the time, so…. 😀

Then we went to get my sister so she could go to work (our eye doctor is in the town they are now living in again, since they moved out of mom and dad’s place), let her hubby know we were done getting the glasses, walked around the mall a bit (can’t wait for that last document to show up so that we can go get our taxes done…I can think of at least $100 worth of things I’d LOVE to buy at the kitchen store there. Especially a couple "As Seen On TV" things…including a new MAGIC BULLET because T ruined the motor on the one we got while we were out visiting his dad last August), met back up with my brother in law, put P’s car seat in his car, then he took care of the kids a bit (including going to Aldi’s and McDonald’s so he could "tire P out") while we went to watch a movie. T wanted to go so he could try out his glasses. So far, he’s pretty happy with the difference between them and not them.

We watched Bride Wars. It looks pretty funny to begin with, and like a total chic flick—it turns out, it’s a really good movie. I think I want it when it comes out on DVD. It made me a bit sad about breaking off the friendship with my ex-best friend—but not so bad I’m going to go and beg her to take me back. Or take her back.

But I continue to want a new best girl friend. Someone who is as taken with me and as loyal to me as I am to them. There’s no one that owes me that deep of a debt of friendship. Obviously my ex-best friend didn’t think she owed me (or our kids) that either. So I pine for that closeness to someone. I’ve got closeness, closeness up the wazoo. But no best friend. Not sure if I would recognize one again if she came along.

Before I depress myself, I’ve got to go. I’m tired, it’s REALLY late now, and I’ve got to get up in 5 or so hours to go to church.

Have a nice Sunday 😀


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