Saturday 9 – 1-31-09


Saturday 9: Going to Pot

1. When was the last time you smoked pot?

I’ve never smoked the stuff. I have been near it—we had a neighbor who smoked it, and she invited us to this party she was having (she was right next door, we were friends, it would have been rude if she didn’t). When I realized she and her friends were getting ready to, I went outside (where the kids were playing). Then this policeman showed up, and I got really nervous knowing it was inside, but he was there to find this guy because something had happened to his son. I don’t know how that turned out. I got really peeved with the neighbor a few times, because she was smoking it even while pregnant. 😦

2. What do you think is your biggest weakness?

Food and fear of fear and failure. Which causes me to fail all the time.

3. What is your biggest fear?

That I will fail at anything I try (which causes it to actually happen. Odd, isn’t it?)

4. Is there a particular goal that you’d like accomplish this year?

Start losing weight again. I miss being thinner.

5. What do you miss most from your youth?

Being thinner. Otherwise, I’m pretty happy being an adult. Oh yeah, and I miss not having to be the one to worry about everything.

6. What is your best physical feature?

It used to be my hair, but that seems to be losing it’s luster. I’m a redhead. My legs are pretty good (even though I’m overweight—-they still seem to look pretty good. Not all bulgy all over, just in the thighs). And I’m pretty happy with my hands.

7. Are you very confident?

I can be. But because I’m afraid of failure, not really anymore.

8. Tell us about the last time you were drunk.

It was my sister’s 21st birthday. She’s 27 now. If I drink now, it might be one or two drinks. There’s nothing to really tell though. I just get a buzz and pretty happy, maybe some things go on with the hubby, and that’s it. All you need to know.

9. Have you ever cheated on a lover?

Yes and no. I’ve not had a “lover” but I was going with my hubby before I officially broke it off with my best guy friend, who I was “dating” when I first went in the Army. But while he was back home here, he wasn’t really holding up his end—no letters, etc, despite the fact that I wrote often….enough that he peeved off his mom because I’d call for him, but he wouldn’t be there and I’d tell her he hadn’t written, and she’d tell me she’d get after him. I did get a few letters, all in one envelope, once from him while I was in, but that was it. I didn’t break it off, or start going with T out of spite. It’s just how it happened. And my best guy friend has found happiness for himself…we’re still great friends, so I don’t think that small bump in our past has much effect on how we feel about each other. I have always and still feel like he’s my brother. And like his parents are almost my parents. I like them as much as I like my in laws, and I really like my in laws (especially my father in law—my mother in law is a person on to her own, but we won’t go there!).


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