Heads or Tails 1/27/09 – Loud

I’ve been thinking about my HoT post all day. I’ve reviewed my options—comment on loud things. Post a story about something loud.

The most obvious loud things around here are my kids. Although, as of late they’ve been pretty quiet, so there’s no point.

And I’m just not in the mood right now to write a whole story. Sorry.

So I’m going to give you a pictorial look around here of my favorite loud things. That aren’t human, LOL! I’m just not showing you a picture of my sister’s dog—can’t stand it for one, for another I have no pictures. And I don’t allow it in my house, so by default it’s not around the house, now is it? It doesn’t amount to much, but that’s fine too. I’m not into doing much on here today (other than what I’ve already done 😀 )

My favorite shirt:


I actually usually am the loud friend…sometimes I just don’t know when to keep my mouth shut.

Then there’s my cd collection, most of which are cds bought since I became an adult, that I like from when I was a teenager. Most of them are best experienced LOUD. 😀





Of course, that loudest thing right now is the dripping of water coming from the ceiling. Oh I do hope to be out of here this year!


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