Good Medicine Project – one project is never enough.

I’m back to pondering my yarn stash again. I’ve got a project in mind, but I’m not yet sure what yarn I’m going to use. There are so many choices! I’ve already got 4 projects or so, but there’s no crocheter or knitter that I know that doesn’t have a good handful, one for each instance or part of the house even! I’ve got the main ones, which I do while sitting and watching tv—those are the ones I count—then I’ve got the quick take along one that I keep in my purse and work on in the car or while visiting mom (if I don’t take along a bigger, still carry-able one with me when I know we’re going).

But this next one is close to my heart. I do a LOT of charity work—right now the majority of the projects I’ve got on the needles or hook are for some sort of charity. This is actually one from a lady whose charity project my crochet group on Yahoo Groups contributed to last year. Then the item was squares, this time it’s Medicine Bags and Lucky Charms. So, really, ANYONE can join in.

You can take a look at this link to her most recent post on the project, but I’ll give you a quick synopsis too.


(125 and 165 Versions in Sidebar!)

The people these items will go to are kids or siblings of kids with cancer, who attend Camp Sanguinity. They are the same ones who received the afghans Shelly assembled last year, but this year she wanted to go with something different.

And I think she found something incredibly unique and fun!

This year the project is medicine bags—approximately 4″x4″ bags of any kind of fabric. If you’re crafty and you want to make the bags, you can use whatever you have around—that scrap of leather from another project, some fabric from an old, much loved, favorite t-shirt, some fabric cut off an old pair of jeans. 🙂 The bags can be adorned as simply or as much as you want.


If you’re not crafty, this is where the REAL fun begins (and where the opportunities are really open to EVERYONE): with the lucky charms. These can be any small trinkets that could be used as lucky charms. They can start with a small favorite item from YOUR childhood, or could be anything that you might find and think someone would be interested in. These have to be small though! Do you have an old coin? Maybe one from a trip out of the country? How about a small animal figurine that you found? Maybe an elephant? Or a tiger? Those could be sent. To make your contribution even more personal, you can add a short note about the trinkets—why you think it’s special, where you got it, what it means to you.


She asks that no more than 3 of any one item be sent—in other words, no more than 3 bags, or no more than 3 lucky charms.

To check more on this out (get her address, etc), go to Shelly’s blog at This Eclectic Life.

All pictures used in this post and to create these buttons were used by permission from Shelly at This Eclectic Life

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