Why One (such as I) Should NEVER Experiment With a New Recipe At Night

At least, when I started this little adventure, that’s what I thought I’d be saying to you all. But, I love how things work out, and surprise you.

You see, I shouldn’t (and won’t for long) be on the computer now…I turned it off before putting P to bed, and figured it would stay that way until T comes home in the morning. But then I got to thinking…I did have time to do things before going to bed, and I’ve really got to get the Amish Friendship Bread Batter changed over to new bags. And I’d like to use that Streusel recipe I had seen the last time I looked over the site. At least, if nothing else, look over it. So, I turned this thing back on. After a bit of a detour, I thought for a minute and reminded myself of why I sat down. I was also having a bit of a sweet craving, so it was time to check my Bloglines clips, and find that recipe for making doughnuts at home….

Which led me to this post. I didn’t even intend to post again (I’ve got my Friday memes post all lined up, I figured I’d see ya tomorrow!). But, with a mind to solve that sweet craving, I set around the wall to the kitchen, after copying down the specifics at the site I could find the recipe (it was mentioned here, which pointed me here).

I took out the necessary impliments—the roll of dough, the sugar, the butter (no margarine here anymore), the cinnamon, the pan (which I had washed so I could do this), the oil. Poured the oil in the pan, started opening then working on the dough.

I took one look at the dough and how it came out, and thought “ut oh, I might have a problem here.” It didn’t look like any biscuit I had ever seen. Then I took a closer look at the wrapper, and it said DINNER ROLLS.


I started to get nervous—the oil was starting to get hot, I had no choice but to see if I could make this work. So I tore the strands—because the rolls looked like cinnamon rolls, in that they were wrapped around themselves, they could be unrolled—or shaped them into a round doughy thing with a hole in it the best I could.

Because I was nervous, the cheese beckoned:


But as I went on, I found that it all worked out.


The finished doughnuts looked not quite like they did at the original recipe, or the secondary one, but it works.


They taste almost like funnel cakes—much lighter and crispier than a “normal” doughnut. Those mini ones are mine. The rest are now sitting on the table, waiting for others to enjoy (except my favorite one).


This is why I count baking and cooking as one of my hobbies–the fun is always in the experimentation. With a little know-how, the ability to think on your feet and some bravery to take what comes your way, you can have some REAL fun in the kitchen. I’m still going to try making the doughnuts with the Amish Friendship Bread Batter Biscuits I’ve been making. It sounds like it might actually work out. So stay tuned.

As an aside, I think the cheese might be part of an omelet or two in the morning! 😀 Lucky it!


One comment

  1. Hey! The first thing I thought when I saw those was “Oh! Those look like funnel cakes! I can’t wait to see how the next batch turns out for you with that bread batter!!!

    Thank you for the link love and have a GREAT weekend!!!

    Christy Jordan

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