My Wednesday…

Man, that picture for my Wordless Wednesday shouldn’t have been of my men—it should have been of me. Tonight. That’s how I feel…just EXHAUSTED! I’ve got something, most likely a cold, and that’s knocking a lot out of me. I’m going to write me a Thursday Thirteen post (on SNOW!!!) then go to bed!!! Well, shower then bed. 🙂 I know I’m not going to need it on HOT, because I’m not that sick (when I’m feeling like true garbage, I need the shower HOT).

Oh, I think that’s it. I know I had something else, but I lost it in thought…

Oh yeah, something I plan to pick up starting next week. Not really a meme as such, but more along the lines of the PODAs I used to post. I’ve got to learn to Work Willingly at turning my life around, and getting myself back in that mold of a Proverbs 31 Woman. If you’re unfamiliar with what one is, you can search it, of course, or read the scripture passage I’m referring to here. Also, a great daily devotional is inspired by the passage. On Monday, I plan to join with a fellow Proverbs Wife and give myself a path to follow and things to concentrate on….all, of course, with my Lord and Savior’s help. I’m always feeling so defeated and like crud, really, and I KNOW He didn’t make me to feel that way. I have talents and passions and people that love me, and He made me to fulfill those roles! I want to THROW myself into BEING that woman, being the Child Of God that He made, and, among other things, losing weight!

What I ask of the readers I’ve got, is that you hold me accountable. Speak up and ask if I’ve fulfilled the things I set out each week to do. Pester me. Part of it is I like the attention 😛 But part of it is because I know I need the encouragement. And I need to know you’re praying for me! 😀


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