Heads or Tails 1/20/09

THIS week’s theme/prompt is:
HEADS *OR* TAILS – “Feet” *OR* “Feat”
Make any kind of post using either choice as your prompt. You can even use both!

I have to say, the biggest and most amazing feat I’ve seen lately is the election of President Obama. I’m not one who often wears my political leanings on my sleeve, but I have to say I’m nearly beside myself in happiness over this event. It’s amazing. I’m eager to see the change that we will experience. And the best part of it, really….

His realism. He makes the point that it’s not going to happen fast, right away, nor is it going to be easy. Is this an out? Could be….that way when we say in 4 years things are no different, he can point out that when he first came into office, he said it wasn’t going to happen right away…

But really, it would be quite a feat if things were turned around quickly. It didn’t happen overnight. We didn’t have discord with our allies overnight (though, considering the fact that some of them disagreed with going into Iraq, and that’s what’s created a lot of the recent discord, it could be argued some that it was pretty dang quick). We didn’t get into this ball of sticky paste of an economy right away. It’s not going to take 5 minutes to pay off all of the accounts we owe on.

And I’ve really got to say, I feel sorry for all those people at the inauguration, being on their feet all day…

P.S. Coolest thing (thanks to Microsoft and CNN): The Moment (be prepared to download some stuff to see it!)



  1. I’ve been watching the coverage almost all day. I have to tell you, when he walked out that door to the platform, I broke out in tears. When he took the oath I did again. Pretty much quite a few times today..

    He fills me with so much hope. He inspires us all, I think.

  2. It was a heady sort of feat! I’m there with you! I’ve been watching for going on 24 hours – CSpan – and have only one regret: that Mrs. Obama’s ball gown was a little too long to be comfortable while she danced. Good post!

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