Yummy Sunday 1/18/09

I was reminded yesterday of a really great meme that I actually really like participating in. And all I have to do to participate right now is take a look in my pictures folder, and I’ve got a plethora of choices….we’re rather decent bakers and cooks around here…

So, for Yummy Sunday over at Our Family Story, here are some of T’s exploits…

Cheesecake again!
Cheesecake again!

T makes some of the BEST cheesecakes….nice and creamy, rich, decadent. He’s experimented, mostly which chocolate and strawberry.

Of course, my exploits are more along the everyday kinda thing…


Mmmm…couscous. Wish I had some…

More dinner
More dinner

I do a lot of experimenting, and I’ve got the old tried and true. More tried and true lately….like pasta and sauce *sigh*.

But I bake too….I had a bread kick at one point….


I think I’m going to make some Amish Friendship Bread later….



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