My first of Haiku Fridays


woke up last three mornings
way too damn early wonderin’
what in the heavens woke me

stayed up this one
soon i’ll be curled back in my now
not all unwarm bed

outside it’s frigid
school autocalled, we keep her
errands still await

one thing is for sure
i know today is going to be
a very very long day

Haiku’s always astound me. I use a syllable calculator to check my syllable numbers….I guess it’s the English language that always astounds me. It’s rules and deviations from the rules. I had to explain to non-English trained people that it’s the exceptions that prove the rules. Whatever that means *insert eye roll here*

I’m hungry, but that can wait. I’m going back to bed. Some little body crawled in with me halfway through the night. I don’t need to know what keeps waking me up—I think tonight it was a very odd dream I had. Very odd….



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