Friday evening…

It’s a slow evening right now. Kinda quiet…all I really hear right now is Cars on the tv, and someone moving around upstairs with the kids (mostly P) talking now and then. He likes to repeat some lines (some I’m not crazy about him repeating).

I’m just puttering here, really. There are no emails I want to read and/or answer, I don’t want to write anything, I’ve read all the recently updated feeds in my Bloglines….I could go finish off dishes (wooo hoo I can say “finish off”), which I’ll probably do eventually so I can actually go and make dinner (which will be penne, maybe Primavera like, with broccoli), but I don’t want to fold any clothes just yet. Not time to pick up the living room (though I did about half of what P had dumped there, because he had pulled out nearly all his books. I didn’t want him to slip). It’s too late to run out to the post office or the cable company…I’m just sitting here, checking those feeds and playing on Pogo (I’ve got a Club Pogo account, don’t know if I’ll reup in March…it’s $30, but…).

One thing I’m happy about. T’s making provisions so I can stop those silly phone calls from creditors. I’ll start paying the first one off next week. Shouldn’t take too long. Then we can look into buying a house. Woo hoo again! 😀

Okay, enough blather….see ya later 😀


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