Thursday Thirteen – Did I do it?

In anticipation of the Thursday Thirteen hub returning, I will remain faithful and keep up the pattern. I like patterns. Good thing someone else was smart enough to set up another hub (and come find me!). Anyhow, this week is actually a continuation of last week’s post, where I pointed out all the things I had to do around the house. This week, I’ll list each thing that was in bold last week, and let you know when I did it and what in entailed. As if you want to know…

1. Make laundry soap. Thursday evening, after getting D to Girl Scouts, as before with T’s help. I love doing things with him. I think he knows that, but sometimes it just has to be said.
2. Fold an enormous amount of clothes. Thursday evening, before getting D to Girl Scouts.
3. Dishes. Did them along the way. Finished them – AS IF! I can’t stand doing dishes (I think I mentioned that last week). And while I had been really good for several weeks at keeping up on them, I seem to have fallen behind again. But it’s a new day. And new week. So this and other other things I didn’t go on this list will get done. Today. 🙂
4. Clear out the bathroom floor. Thursday afternoon.
5. Wash more clothes. Just didn’t get them done 😐
6. Bring stuff to the post office. Even though I have to, didn’t get there. Crazy.
7. Clear off the futon. Done Thursday afternoon, though D came home and threw her school bag on it. Not that it matters—it came off soon after on my insistence. 😀
8. Call people. Called my WNY_C co-owner, but it just rang. Called the lady who didn’t provide an email on the signup sheet for the crochet group through MOPS that I’m setting up, and left a message.
9. Sort. I have 2 things sitting here next to the desk. – done Monday afternoon P’s toy drawers – done Friday night – and his books – Friday afternoon.
10. Write a haiku about resolutions. Done almost as soon as I hit Publish when I was done writing the original post.
11. Changed to – Collect Garbage. I knew there was something more. The ones that existed when I wrote the post were bagged that afternoon. More work for T! 😀
12. Read my books. This is a continuing process. I haven’t finished any books yet, but I’m working on them 😀
13. Vacuum the floor. Done over time. I had to vacuum on and under the couch when I cleaned under it, so that was one of the first things done, that very afternoon. Big vacuum was late Monday morning.

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Did I do it?

  1. I’ve been really good about doing dishes lately, and I’m like you where they are concerned. The difference? I wash them in the morning, making lots of noise in the process, to help get the kids out of bed for school. There’s a reason they call me an evil mommy.

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