Sunday Stealing and some randomness – 1/11/09

Same with all my other memes….I’ve seen the Sunday Stealing around and figured, “why not?” Especially when I went and looked closer, and found it’s what I do half the time anyhow. So, enjoy…


Hardest Meme Ever

1. What is the bravest thing that you feel you’ve ever done physically?

Joined the Army, and had kids.

2. What is the bravest thing that you feel you’ve ever done emotionally?

I haven’t done it yet. I seem to be convinced there’s some deep dark secret that’s stopping me from doing things. And part of it is facing my feelings. Not there yet.

3. What one talent do you wish you had that you don’t?

Singing. Somehow that skipped a generation. Otherwise….maybe realty sense. It seems like a good way to earn money, especially if you’re a good landlord and don’t neglect your properties and tenants.

4. If you had that talent what would you be doing with it?

Providing housing for families with small children. Living in a small college town, there’s not much available in town that isn’t overrun by college kids and/or crappy and/or extremely expensive.

5. We all have our reasons for blogging but what would be your ultimate goal for your blog or as a blogger?

I don’t really know why I started. My ultimate goal? Connect with others. That’s what I’ve been doing the most of. Otherwise, I guess it’s just a creative outlet—even if I’m not writing fiction everyday, I’m at least writing something, right?

6. What advice would you give a new blogger?

Don’t get discouraged by low traffic. Unless your point is to market something—products, advice, recipes, whatever—you don’t need it. But man is it a thrill 😀

7. Who are you three favorite blogs to visit (Yes, you can have ties and name more than three.)

See my sidebar.

8. You can trade lives with any one person for a month. Who would it be and why?

Nobody. I’m happy being myself.

9. There’s a fire and your family is safe but you have the chance to save any one item from your house. What would it be and why?

That’s hard. I would think, though, that if my family’s just fine I’d be happy with that. Though maybe I’d save our important papers so people can know who we are because we’d have proof. 😐

10. You have the chance to go back in time and warn yourself before making a bad choice. What choice would it be and what would you tell yourself?

I’d tell my 20 year old self not to take Depo Provera. That’s where a lot of problems started, and it set me back bad. I blame it for a lot of my weight because while I admit I contributed to it and still do with eating things, I was an active, happy, non-fat person. I didn’t let my minor injuries hold me back from doing anything—at 18 and 19 and 20, I enjoyed exercise, and I still do. But a part of me is scared out of my mind about what damage it and it’s results have done to my body, and now because I don’t exercise like I used to, my heart scares the heck out of me the most. Sad, I know, and no excuse, but I’m just answering the question, gees!

The most recent randomness is from the week before Christmas, but since I didn’t do it I might as well do it now.


Name 3 of each:
-Pet Peeves
– when store owners don’t take down advertisements they’ve allowed people to put up in their windows or on their bulletin boards after the events have happened. Yeah, for real
– people who should know how to compose a sentence in the English language because it’s a language they were born with. I know it sounds crude, but I was an English major. Sometimes I fub up too…but co’mon people!
– when people speak as if they’re texting (I know a 12 year old who does this WAY too often!)
-Close Friends
– Josh
– Cindy (David’s wife)
– David (Cindy’s husband)
-Favorite Movies
What Dreams May Come
Retro Man – David’s college course film project. The only time I get close to allowing myself to think he’s hot (he plays the lead)
Just Friends
-Foods You Love
– Pizza
– Salad
– Anything with parmesan cheese on it
-Favorite Books
– The Bible
– The Dictionary
The Shack
-TV Shows You Like
– The Biggest Loser (and I’m the biggest baby when I’m watching it)
– Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (see other show)
– House (just the first one that comes to mind after the others. We’ve got quite a list of shows we DVR)
-Celebrities You Like
– Hugh Laurie (see last show I mentioned)
– Vincent D’Onofrio
– Keith Olberman (one of the shows we DVR even if we don’t always watch them)
-Favorite Items of Clothing
– black/grey sweater I got for Christmas
– my black t-shirt material dress
– my light blue sweatpants with the patriotic t-shirt (I was wearing this shirt in that photo I posted of me. I’m not going to bring it back up)

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