Monday Memes – Curious as a Cat and Monday Morning Meme 1-12-09


1) What is the worst thing you have to do each morning?

Get up. Well, some mornings. Otherwise, I’m good, actually.

2) Where is the most spiritual country (or place) on earth, in your experience?

Any place by water. Like, walking on the beaches of Lake Erie, walking by a stream, etc.

3) If you gave birth today to octuplets (OMG!), what would you name them? You can assume four of each sex, or make your own mix-up.

Hmmm….that’s something I’d have to discuss with T. So I can’t tell ya (he’s asleep, not going to wait for him to wake up, or wake him. Sorry.).

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.


He opened his eyes. All he saw in the darkness was the twinkle against a diamond object in the distance. He thought of the earrings she wore last night. After they were done with those things which come naturally to two people in love, they sat and talked for hours. He had watched the lights of cars coming through the windows of their country home as they glanced off the rhinestone earrings she loved so much she never took them off. He felt the life draining from him as his happiness had drained from him early that morning when she told him the truth…and knew she wouldn’t be there this time to worry when he didn’t come home.

Morbid, maybe, but it’s what came to mind. 🙂


It’s no longer morning, but here’s a new one. I’ve been busy all morning 🙂

January 12th Questions:

1. What book is on your nightstand right now? What was the last book you read? How many books do you think you read in 2008?

None. But the book I’m reading right now is Knit Together by Debbie Macomber. I couldn’t wait to get it in paperback.

2. Name three blogfriends that have inspired you. Now please tell us how these blogfriends have inspired you.

Lou – he’s a great friend 😀

Velvet at Velvet Verbosity – her 100 Word Challenge has gotten my butt in gear to write again (though not lately. I’ve got to get back into that).

Lotus at Sarcastic Mom – my first real blogging friend. Her openness and transparency is humbling.

3. How far do you live from the place where you grew up as a kid? Tell us about the place you grew up – would you choose to go back there and raise your own family (if you have one)? Why or why not?

I live in the same town I lived the most when I was a kid. Living here isn’t necessarily due to the mechanics of what I do or don’t like about the place–it’s more so because of where T got a job when he first moved out here. But I’m not unhappy to be here—the school system is good, and I’m familiar with the area. Even with the college in town, there’s little major problems.

4. Finish this line: Absence makes the heart……
(please do not say “grow fonder”.) How long do you think is ‘too long’ to be away from your loved ones?

…want what it hasn’t got (or forgotten it had, in the case that it’s just turned away from said loved ones). More than a few hours is too long to be away from my loved ones, by whom I mean my kids and hubby. I get a little stir crazy if my husband stays and does overtime for too long…meaning, if he’s gone more than 12 hours or so. Without first warning me.

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  1. Love your story! The photo is actually a long-exposure shot of a bridge at night; the ‘diamond’ is the front of a road sign from a sharp angle. 🙂

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