A Monday that doesn’t suck….

And soon there will be more. Because I have scheduled Mondays to be the days I will head the knitting and crochet groups at church.

Before I go any further, though, I’d like to acknowledge Julie over at Keepin’ The Faith. She’s the winner of the haiku contest over at Rocks In my Dryer. It really is an honor just being nominated for a contest. The thrill is almost the same as winning. And, hey, there are 65 other people out there who can identify with the fear of failure one feels in setting goals for themselves, yet doubting yourself the whole way. Here’s my haiku:

A long list awaits.
More than water freezes here-
Fear of failure haunts.

Anyhow….on to other things. I do feel a sense of accomplishment. Yesterday I figured out how the George Foreman Grill works—we have a small one I got from someone through freecycle who kinda went “we don’t want this do you?” It was brand new. T started using it last week, by using it as pretty much a panini maker. Also, I vacuumed the floor finally (it wasn’t too hairy), including under the tv, which has needed it for a while, and under the futon. And I just finished sorting through all the paperwork that was sitting here. I’ve got a basket full of stuff to do yet, but I’m going to do that tomorrow or so. As I was going through there, I found the “get $10 for you and $10 for your friends” from H&R Block. We’ve been going there for nearly 9 years. T wanted to give that to a friend. When I opened the box I’ve been using as an extra filing drawer on my cabinet, I found the Benny card for our medical savings account. So I took the time right then and there to double check and see if it works. I called the number on the back, and sure enough…after a couple tries…we’re golden. Which is great because we are going to an eye doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, and we need it to pay for what’s not covered for our eye glasses. I know I’ll probably need a new pair, as might D, and T might need his first pair. He sorta did last time, and since then has been considering getting a pair the next chance (as in when we could have our next appointment, which is allowed only every 2 years) he got. Also, I finished all the transfers I’m going to do over to Delicious and Bloglines.

Well, I’ve got to go. I’ve got other things to do, and I’m sick of being on the computer.

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