Busy today

That’s how I’ve been for a large part of the day. On Friday. It wasn’t that easy to drag myself out of bed because I had again (as I am now) stayed up way to late. When I made calls, my head felt very heavy. I felt tired. My own fault. But I ended up having to go out and drive. To get my dad, into a snow band. Love living in WNY sometimes. Can’t ever stand the snow. 😦 But it’s home, so I guess I can’t complain much.

When I wasn’t out driving in snow, I was home, working on cleaning the house. I got at least 2 things off my list from yesterday. And I worked some more on transferring my bookmarks to Bloglines. I’m nearly done. Then I’ll have a bunch to transfer to del.icio.us. And I dropped some more on Entrecard. Which I’m doing now, going back and forth between here, Bloglines and Entrecard sites (but I’m also putting the ones I want to keep on Bloglines, so….yeah).

And that big surprise. Oh, you know the one by now—I’m a finalist for the haiku contest. I just about fell off my chair. Really. I thought it was kinda dark and depressing, so why would anyone like it? But, I feel it’s also a very realistic, understandable one, as who doesn’t freeze from the fear of failure from time to time? I know that’s big part of why I don’t get further with things 😦

I’m nearly done with the transfers.

I finally found where one finds out who their top droppers were. I’d been wondering. I figured they had someplace that would keep track of it, but I didn’t see it…until I clicked “more stats” or some such thing like that. Then the real fun happened! 😀

As soon as I’m done transferring and dropping (determined not by when I’m done with the second, but when I’m done with the first), I’ll go to bed.

I just can never stand the second wind I get.

But at least I got a lot of stuff done 😀 And because I was gone this evening, to do some stuff for D and Girl Scout cookies, P ended up spending daddy time, ate 4 jelly sandwiches for dinner (I told T that as long as they all made it into his tummy, I don’t mind what he ate. Because he doesn’t always eat everything…and I have yet to find a drying jelly sandwich.), and fell asleep on his daddy. 😀 I’m sure it was adorable! So he’s been in bed since 9 😀


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