Thursday Thirteen – My house a my house…

That song is running through my head now. Just that line. Go me.

Anyhow—am I the only one who can’t find the hub? I went over there, and nothing. It’s got GoDaddy’s homepage instead. I’ve just got to say — ut oh! But I’ll continue on anyhow. Thursdays always got me my biggest number of visitors, but I’ll deal I suppose ๐Ÿ˜ Update #2 (#1 is below): Someone was smart enough to set up a place for us misplaces TT’ers! So if you want to join in, go here!

So, here are the 13 things I need to do around here to get the house back in shape. Sort of an PODA if you will. (That’s Parade of Daily Activities, since so many are things that need to be done every day ๐Ÿ˜ ) Where to start? I’ll start where I’ll start. I hope.

1. Make laundry soap. Deceptively easy! Here‘s the recipe I use. What’s great about this is that P can help—we were able to find a cheese grater that you can attach to the table (might have been a meat grinder in it’s past life, but T said it was for cheese), and he LOVES to turn that thing. After that, maybe he can put the Borax and Washing Soda in. But I get all the heavy duty mixing, etc.

2. Fold an enormous amount of clothes. I need to wash several things too—after all, that’s what #1 is FOR—but there are several baskets that I washed last week that I just haven’t folded yet. I think the number is 3. The last thing I washed wasn’t a big load, and it didn’t need to stay in there—it was the socks I made for the lady who sat next to me, and the shawl I had just finished, which I posted about the other day.

3. Dishes. Oh how I dread them. One year, my ex-best friend and her family came over to our house for either Memorial Day or the 4th of July (I seem to recall it being the 4th, actually, because then they came with to watch the fireworks and my sister and her friend watched their son and D for a bit, there at the park), and I told her that I’d make all the food she just had to do my dishes. She was okay with dishes and could really power through them. I’ve been doing pretty good, but since my latest not feeling up to par, I’ve not done them.

4. Clear out the bathroom floor. This in prep for the next one. But then, I also have to replace the plastic bag I put over the hole in the wall in the shower. I’ll be happy to be out of this place ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

5. Wash more clothes. This task alone could take 4 spaces. I’ve got to do mine, more of T’s clothes need to be done, not just his uniforms which he’s already done. He found some left over store bought detergent yesterday.

6. Bring stuff to the post office. Like the rent check and the 2 books I need to send out for That I’ve already marked as mailed. I really don’t want to go out in the snow, as we’ve been wholloped, but I’ve got no choice, I’m going to have to ๐Ÿ˜

7. Clear off the futon. It’s not nearly as bad as it could be, but this is where some of T’s clothes are too.

8. Call people. If we’re going to start looking into buying a house, I have to call the lady who I want to go to about it. And my co-owner for WNY_C, since she didn’t email me about the things I emailed her about the other day. Also, I think now I know what that date was written on my calendar from last year, I’ve got to call that doctor and make sure I was right, since I don’t know where that card is. I wonder when we’ll be getting the Beni card.

9. Sort. I have 2 things sitting here next to the desk. All with old papers in them. I wish I could get a bigger filing cabinet, this one is overflowing and nearly full. I just can’t keep up with it all, keep it nice and neat like I’d like, there’s so much! I mean, 7 years worth of bills and statements is HORRENDOUS, and that’s WITHOUT all the medical stuff or school stuff….UGH!

10. Write a haiku about resolutions. Okay, I have to admit, for some unknown reason I find myself having to stretch just a bit to find things to put on this list. I mean, how is that possible? There always seems SO MUCH to do around here! But as I was going through my blogs I like to visit so I can put them on Bloglines, I found this AWESOME contest that’s like just for today (I guess), and one of the prizes alone is enough for it (because it would make P deliriously happy. It’s not Elmo or Cars, but that’s just fine, it’s something he likes anyhow!). Update: I have one thing on my list done! (Better than nothing, which may happen if I sit here much longer ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I thought about my possibilities for the haiku, and worked on one. You know, I love to write but I haven’t done many haikus, I was always scared. I see my blogging friends do them each Friday, but I always thought I couldn’t get the count right. But I found a Word Calculator, and the link through the contest on how to write a haiku…I think I might be joining my friends with them soon! ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyhow, mine feels a bit sad and dark, and I don’t think that’s going to get me many points (though, if you would check out the contest tomorrow and vote for mine, that would really help a girl out!), so I’ll post it here tomorrow.

11. Sort More Stuff. Namely, P’s toy drawers and his books. Because the books easily spill out all over, and there are just so many toys he never uses in those drawers. I think I need to get it back down to drawers of cars and ducks, then I’m not sure what the third one will be because it used to be the “everything else” drawer and there are so many “everything else” stuff…I’ve got to weed some out though. And I need to get all the things that have ran and hid under my couch. I wonder what I will find?

12. Read my books. Particularly my bible, but also the book I got yesterday because I’ve been wanting it like forever, and I just spent $15 on it! Knit Together by Debbie Macomber. She’s just awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

13. Vacuum the floor. I like to leave that for last. Because it might be the base of everything, but if I get everything else done, it’s easier to vacuum.

Now to start on all of it. Will I be able to do them? Any of them? All of them? Half of them. Maybe next week’s list will be “What I got finished of last week’s list”. That would be good. I could get it finished and set up….either by the end of today or over the week, however long it takes, and have it set to get published on Thursday morning, since it’s really great and you can schedule posts. ๐Ÿ˜€ I love that about blogging ๐Ÿ™‚ Off to make a cup of the Get Energy Tea I bought at that eclectic store we went to last night. ๐Ÿ˜€



  1. Thanks for that laundry soap recipe! I’m really trying to count my pennies, so that really helps. I already use Borax as an additive (I scent it with scented oils) so this is great!

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