What have I been doing on Wednesday?

Well, by the looks of my house, you might think it’s not been too much. And when it comes to getting up and getting around and doing the stuff I WANT to do around here, you’d be right. Not much at all. But I’ve been doing other things. In fact, right now I’m setting up all my Blogline stuff, putting all the blogs I like to look at but don’t like wigging out my browser with, so that I can take a look at everything in just one click. How awesome is that? I had been thinking about asking people if they had any suggestions for a good blog reader through here, on the blog, but then it occurred to me that Google’s got a Reader, so I started filling that up. But then I ran into someone’s blog who I couldn’t figure out how to sub to their page by copying and pasting, and they had a “sub to Bloglines” button on their page. I remember seeing that before (Bloglines, not necessarily that particular button), and so I went over there. I hadn’t wanted to sub to blogs through it the last time I was over there, checking it out, so I didn’t sign up. This time I did, and really quickly got a bookmark allowing me to sub with just one click on my task bar. But wouldn’t you know, I just poked around Google some more, and find THEY ACTUALLY DO HAVE ONE OF THOSE. Man, I’m such a goob sometimes. 😛

You know what I don’t like? The fact that I get a second wind right about 11pm if I let myself stay up that late and don’t intend to go to bed when I put P down for bed. That’s how I end up being up until 2 in the morning and then having terrible headaches and low energy the next morning. Now I’ve got both buttons up, lucky me. I’m a goof ball sometimes, really. I’m going to continue today’s trend and blame it on the brain farts. Man, I really wish if this means something going to show up, that it would just get here and blast it’s way on through. I’m tired of the suspense.

So, what did I do today? I worked more on mom and dad’s afghan (which is nearly identical to Rosa’s afghan, but just for their king size bed. And so that they can cuddle up while he’s visiting her if they’d like. Or maybe so they can use it when she goes with him in the car like she’s doing again. She gets out into the chair in her room once a day now too. It’s happened several times while we’ve been there, so we get kicked out of the room long enough for her to use the standing hoyer (with the nurse’s help), I wonder why she doesn’t use the board, and then P crawls all over and plays with her bed. And D sits on it if she’s there too. Anyhow, here’s what Rosa’s afghan looked like (if I can find it):


Well Pooh. I had gone and taken a picture of the completed afghan, all nice and staged on our couch just before I brought it to her, and now I can’t find that picture N.E.WHERE. 😦

Oh well. I hope I’ll take one of this one too, when it’s done. It’s going to be much more huge than the one I made for Rosa. And I get requests for the pattern from people where mom is. I wrote it out, and told her it’s a good idea if she got multiple copies. She thought I wanted one. No, the pattern’s in my head. They are for all the other people who want it.

Let’s see if I can capture all the other things I wanted to blog about, while I was laying there waiting for P to fall asleep and thinking about this.

Off the subject—damn, the snow is crazy today. It didn’t start until this evening, just as we were out and about. I got a bit jumpy when T left for work. Told him about a million times “drive carefully.” We were out and about because we were using the last of the Christmas gift cards we got. One was from the church to a small deli/eclectic store that we don’t often go to (but should because it’s got some great stuff).

Today was a slow dropping day. While I was on and off the computer, sometimes dropping on Entrecard and sometimes not, I only managed about 50 or so drops today. I’ve gotten nearly 300 in one day before—that’s just a lot of drop and go ones. I was mainly playing my latest game addiction, Build-A-Lot 3, and poking around. Reading how the lady that runs Heads or Tails learned that her pancreas acts up when she has fatty foods makes me wonder if that draining, occasional pain in my left back might not be my pancreas. Something to bring up to the doc if it gets bad again or on my annual. I think that’s the appointment that was written on the calendar. If I understand the placement of the pancreas in the body, it’s about the right spot. And I have had at times nearly all the symptoms of pancreatinitus. (I’m not going to make sure of the spelling on that.)

In looking them over, I think I’m going to like Bloglines a lot better. Sorta like the difference in the back office between Blogger and WordPress. You’ve got more stats stuff in WP, where as Blogger is nice, but just not as…..moveable? I don’t know, I’m just more comfortable with it. I mean….GMail is such a great invention. It’s manipulatable, and Bloglines has much that same feel. But can I do much of anything on Google Reader? I’m as new to that as I am to Bloglines, and I’m just sailing through BL. 😐 Oh well. I’ll have to continue my blabbing and bookmark transferring tomorrow. And decide on the 13 things I want to concretely get done this MONTH! Yeah, sounds good!


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