A special treat

I thought I’d show you some of my handiwork. Now, this is really fuzzy, and you can’t really see the detail, but at least I was able to lighten it (Paint Shop Pro is a secret passion of mine—I do a lot of my own graphic work around here :-D), and you can see the pattern the yarn made in it, which is my favorite part of this particular shawl (that, and the fact that it’s really fuzzy, as in soft and fuzzy, not the fact that the picture is fuzzy…). The pattern I used was the Half Round Shawl over at Monster Crochet.


Like she has, I imagine I’m going to make this pattern again and again (especially after people see my handy work!). That might mean more and more trips up to JoAnn Fabrics, where I got the yarn for this beauty! I had started to make this with another yarn, but that one I ended up having to start over and over and over again. Not fun. That’s fine, because it turned out I was supposed to make socks with that yarn—which has netted me $15 so far. Not bad for about a $4 purchase at Salvation Army! This was a yarn I had bought when I bought a skein for a shawl, using another pattern I had used before (don’t ask me for the link, I don’t remember the name, etc, and I’m just not going to go look for it. Too lazy? Maybe.), that I made for D.

But, today seems to be all about crochet. At MOPS, I ended up talking to a few other moms about crocheted items and knitting, etc, and one of those moms asked if there was a crocheting group much like the scrapbooking group we have (I’ve never gone, but I’ve heard it’s really fun. Not crazy about scrapbooking. I’m not trying to insult anyone, just sayin’). I don’t know why I had never suggested it, but I took a moment right then and there to get a piece of paper (I’m loopy in an odd way at even odder times right now, so I forgot my own 3 ring binder), and pass it around so people could sign up for it if they’d like. 7 people signed up! And I wrote an email to Pastor P (our mentor) to see if she’d like to join and/or be the mentor for that too. I’d like to start a group for the church as a whole, something I suggested to Pastor A when I had my interview for joining the church, but that I haven’t personally moved on. Maybe this is the start of it. 😀

Also, the lady who sat next to me at the Winter Farmer’s Market had ordered a pair of socks for her son, so he’d have them to keep his feet warm at college. I called her yesterday and let her know they were done, and she picked them up today. I also ordered a pecan pie from her for my mom (and the rest of the family) that she will drop off on Saturday morning. We’ll probably then be going to mom’s and having dinner there. What’s crazy about that is that my dad dropped the money off, then I ran around like crazy for about two minutes picking up what I saw on the floor, one time of which included going into the kitchen then throwing some stuff in the garbage. He had given me a $20, and I realized AFTER I tossed the stuff in the garbage that I no longer had the $20. Eek! But not to worry…I checked the garbage like 3 times, but it wasn’t in there. It was just inside the door of the kitchen. Phew! Then I got him his change (a $5). Hope he didn’t lose it between our door and the car, har har.

I’m tired. I think I know why. It also explains the fuzzy head and brain farts. I should go to bed. Like now. I probably will wait a few more minutes…up to an hour…but then it’s sleep until morning 😀

Night. Have a nice one 🙂


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