10 On Tuesday—my first in a while.

I haven’t been inspired to do this much lately, but I’m definitely inspired to do it this week.

The list is 10 Things You Want To Do In 2009. I can definitely come up with that 😀

1. At least start to straighten out our finances, so we can…

2. Buy a house (or at the least get into a better apartment) so we can…

3. Kiss this pit of an apartment goodbye!

4. Lose weight—at least get rid of the 50 I lost in 2007, which has come back, and then maybe about 50 more!

5. Get P potty trained. It’s about dang time, and really I’d like to also…

6. Get P into preschool (which I think he needs to be potty trained for!).

Doing #4, I’ve found, helped me to better….

7. Keep this house cleaner (though, if we manage to do 2 or 3, then it might be a bit easier because everything might not be packed into such a small amount of space!).

8. At least look into going back to school. That way I don’t have to start paying back my college loans (which I’ll have to start doing next year, 2010, whether I like it or not—another reason for 5 & 6.).

9. Feed my family better. It sorta goes along with #4, since T always says that he feels like he’s on a diet when I do WW.

10. Find a way to make some more money. Maybe I’ll start doing craft shows. Which would mean that I’d have to change my Sales Tax Id filing. I’d hate to get a real job…not that I’m a snob, but P’s not 4 yet. Maybe after he turns so…but I don’t want to go to work right away. I like being a SAHM. The candle biz just isn’t working out. I’m contemplating whether or not I’ll stick with it. Maybe I’ll have to bring that to those craft shows. No idea. I’ll try to do another Winter’s Farmer’s Market.

If you’d like to see more, go here.

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  1. Hey AngelGal,
    Thanks for inspiring me with your 10.

    Here’s mine.
    1. Enjoy the outdoors more. Time to get back to hiking and biking regularly.
    2. Be more vocal about all the things I appreciate about G cuz he’s totally wonderful 🙂
    3. Eat more brocolli. A small thing but it helps.
    4. Get my Shaklee business rolling. Just started in December and can’t wait to get my first customers!
    5. Keep my workouts high quality even though I’m not using a trainer these days.
    6. Make time for girl friend time more often.
    7. Get re-inspired about my consulting business.
    8. Find some way to get my office organized! (and keep it that way…)
    9. Spend more time helping my mom as her Parkinson’s gets worse.
    10. Wake up every day in a state of gratitude for all the joys in my life.

    I hadn’t really gotten those written down till I saw your post. Glad I stopped by.

    Also, if you don’t find WW a good fit while trying to feed your family, you might want to check out the Cinch Plan. No special meals to buy and a really great support program. You can check it out at http://www.trker.com/go/26610/reJan/.

    Happy 2009!

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