Monday’s aren’t my favorite

But I’ll deal with them, because I have to.

I had originally decided to start up Weight Watchers at home again and pair it with Faithfully Fit on New Year’s Day, but it just wasn’t happening. Then I decided, since I feel more confident starting such a program at a time when I don’t have EVERYONE looking over my shoulder or being underfoot (just the little guy, though he’s more than enough lots of times), that I’d start today. When I got up, I thought “no, it’s just not going to happen, I don’t feel up to it.” But then I thought to myself “why the heck not?” So I started. I didn’t hold faithfully to my Points total, though I’m going to go double check here shortly and that’s what the extra 35 are for, but at least I was thinking about it. I just have to start reading the book I’m pairing it with. I’ll read my first day tomorrow. I did some writing in my 3 ring binder for it though, so that’s a start, huh?

I think it’s getting to be that “hairy” time of month. I’m feeling very bear-ish. 😐

My intention before I go to bed is to take my nightgown out of the dryer and go in and do some reading.

I’m looking for a special dessert/treat too, but I ate all the Quaker single packs of Chocolate Mint Drizzle I bought, last night. 😦 I’m thinking something apple—not just A apple, but something with an apple and cinnamon and some crunch. I’d really like an Apple Crisp, but I’m not going to go through all that work either 😐

Anyhow, good night all 😀


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