Sunday evening

I’m so happy right now. T got the stuff off our old hard drive, which means I have my full compliment of the files I had accumulated. Including the one that’s the picture I use for my header. It makes me feel good. Better somehow, like I can have the Entrecard widget on my site finally—but of course I can’t.

And I’m impatiently waiting for D to come home from youth group. That’s what happens when I’m NOT the one giving her a ride home—she’s getting it from either the pastor or one of the youth leaders. It’s not an easy wait. But they have both said okay to bringing her home. T’s going to work for the first day in 2 weeks—in fact, the first time this year—and I didn’t want to leave because of that, after dropping her OFF at youth group (along with 2 of her friends), (but she’s walking in right now) and now it’s too late because he’s gone to work anyhow.


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