Now that it’s the new year….

I’m not one big up on making resolutions. I’ve come to discover that I’m not the greatest font of will power. But things do need to be changed. I’ve LOST energy over the last year. Despite getting a sprained ankle (from just moving my foot while standing—I mean, really, what’s up with that? Ruts from multiple tires running over snow that eventually got frozen that way not withstanding.) in March 08, I was walking 2 miles at least every other day with my family in April. It felt GOOD to do that. For the first time in a LONG time, my house was actually looking better than it has in a while. But then we quit walking. Since I moved our treadmill into the entry way so it would be easier to access, I’ve walked on the thing ONCE. 😦 See, now who’s got will power around here? Not me 😦

But what I do resolve to do, what I’m going to start on Monday January 5th (I was going to start on the 1st, but that was just kinda ridiculous), is a book called Faithfully Fit. I got it through, and I’m going to use it in conjunction with the Weight Watchers program, but I’m going to do it from home. I’ve kept all the material from my last voyage into WW land, so I’ve got no problem with that (I’m just missing the booklet from week 4. No big). All I’d ask you is to pray for me, that I’ll be able to handle this, that God gives me the help to get thinner and better and all that jazz 😀



  1. I tell you what. Faithfulness WILL get you to your goal. Being faithful to your plan and never giving up. Weight watchers is great to. I lost 130 lbs being faithful and using WW. You will do great and lose the weight.

    Thanks for putting up your post.

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