Evaluating the old year in prep of the new

Well, I can’t really say I’m doing that all that well, or all that completely, but I’m trying to do something to make this new year come in feeling better than I did most of this old year. I’m starting with trying to do some cleaning around here. With all of us being sick for a good portion of this last week, the house has gone to heck in a handbasket. I don’t know if I should feel bad about that or what, but I do. It’s so wonderfully easy to say I should have, and I shouldn’t have, but the fact remains that it’s all behind me now. Now it’s more or less I want to do this in the future, and asking first God then everyone else for help when need be (it’s always needed with God, not so much with everyon else).

So in an effort to make the new come in starting up better than the old, one thing I find myself doing is sorting through all of our old papers and such.

Man, that is one of those things that bugs the heck out of me. I just don’t know what to do with half of the stuff. And then I go to look into my filing cabinet—and I’m reminded of why it is that I haven’t looked in my filing cabinet much this year. It’s FULL. Yes, FULL. Of old bills, old rent receipts, old bank statements. And what really burns me up is that the oldest ones are usually only 5 years old. So what do I do? Do I look for a bigger filing cabinet? You know what I want? I want to have a shredding frenzy–get rid of everything that’s not 3 years old, and be done with it all.

You know though, that’s half of my problem around the rest of the place. I don’t have enough room to put it all. Some of it I DO need, some of it I MAY need, and some of it’s not even mine to decide whether it stays or goes (and that person can’t let go of so much of it…).

And now my back hurts because I’ve been sitting on the floor to sort through all this stuff. I’ve moved up to the desk again, but none of it looks any better. I don’t disagree with T’s assessment that this is often just shuffling things from this place to that, because that’s all it really ever is. 😐


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