Recovering…from more than the weekend.

Yes. It seems we’re recovering from more than the weekend right now. We’re sick! The flu, go figure! It started with D on Friday, then it hit P, then me, and now T’s suffering from it the worst. Actually, I think D and T have been hit the worst—I didn’t let myself toss anything, though not by forbidding it, but rather just from not doing it. I might have felt like doing it, but I just laid there until the feeling past. Which it often does if you let it. I do feel CONSIDERABLY better than I did yesterday. Much much, actually. Yesterday evening, I didn’t even want to extracate myself from the couch, and I didn’t. I called my mom and told her I hate to do it, but I felt like crud so there was just no way I was going to be able to deliver her pseudo-fruitcake.

But, right now I feel well enough to pick up the floor in here. I decided (in part because later I started joining T in running to the bathroom frequently :-S) not to strain myself. Nope, the most stressful thing I’m going to do today is drive my daughter to her doc to get the last Gardasil shot, then dishes, make dinner (spaghetti, which just means I have to boil the noodles), and pick up a little here and there.

I’m happy I’m on the upswing, and things are getting better. I don’t like how it feels to be sick. But then who does?

Anyhow, take care. I hope you all are feeling much better than we are 🙂


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