Saturday 9 – Week 3


1. Does the holiday season stress you out? If yes, how do you cope?

Some years it has, but not this one. One thing I do to cope with stress (which, hand in hand with the other thing I do to cope with stress—eat—don’t we all at some point? 😦 ) is crochet crochet crochet. But then, I crochet not only when I’m stressed, but when I’m happy, bored, watching tv, talking to people, listening to the groups before my daughter’s group at school concerts, during classes (when I was going to college—just quick little projects that were easy to put down so I could take notes), in the car (NOT while I’m driving), while I’m waiting for something….yeah, pretty much any time I can, especially when I have a big project, like the baby blankets or the big afghan for my mom and dad.

2. Are you ever so busy in December that you have to force yourself to chill?

I’d say no, but then if I have a lot of projects that need to be done for Christmas presents, I might get a little….intense.

3. Do you sleep well at this time of year?

No more or less so than any time during the year. Hey, Sam, is there some *reason* for this focus on sleep?

4. Have you ever taken a sleigh ride? If yes, tell us about it.

I think I have, but I don’t remember it being all that fun. 😐

5. Do you live close to the parts of your family you spend the holidays with?

Yes. Unless my father in law DOES come out, then yes, I live close to the majority of them 🙂

6. What will you have for Christmas dinner?

(I already alluded to this in my Food 4 Thought yesterday) Usually we have lasagna, but I decided since I’ve been wanting them, and because I just want something different for this holiday, we’re going to have Swedish Meatballs. I’m not totally sure yet if they are going to be with egg noodles like I remember them usually being, or with potatoes, but I’m hoping for potatoes. Because last week in my grocery shopping because I had more money than usual for groceries frenzy, I got potatoes because we haven’t had them (other than Thanksgiving, which I didn’t make so it doesn’t really count) in a long time. I’m not sure what the veggie will be, but either my dad will bring that, or I’ll just use something frozen out of the freezer in the wash room. I’ve just got to get the heavy cream for it. I’m also going to be making some rolls this weekend with the Amish Friendship Bread Batter, so we’ll be having those too. 🙂

7. Do you diet after the holidays?

Yes, but it’s not an “omg, I got fat because of all I’ve eaten these last few weeks” dieting, it’s the “omg, I’m such a house all year round” kind of dieting. And I try not to call it dieting, either. I prefer to look at it as a lifestyle change that I’m just not catching on to for long or for good.

8. What’s the best part of the season for you?

You might think it’s cliche, but being with family definitely tops the list.

9. How many generations of your family get together during the holidays?

3—My parents, my generation which includes me, T and my sister and her husband, and D and P. 🙂


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