My first attempt

Today’s Farmer’s Market went well. I didn’t sell a whole lot of my stuff, but I sold SOMETHING, and something is better than nothing—-something right now may be the best I could ask for. I sold 1 baby blanket (which I price at $15 for your run of the mill granny square or round ripple…most of it was just yarn being used up in my stash, so I wasn’t going to go all out in the pricing. Besides, I do want these to move) and 2 dishcloths, which through the consignment shop we priced at $3, and that’s what I stuck with. I brought the kids with, not because I didn’t want to leave them here, or because I wasn’t going to see how they faired with daddy, despite the fact that he was asleep, but because I thought they’d have a better time at the Farmer’s Market. And they did. I did too. I gave out a few business cards (even though my business cards are geared towards the candle biz, just marked “crochet too” on there), pointed out that I do custom orders, and actually got a custom order from the lady at the next table. I’ve just got to get the knitting needles I need for it—5(+) size 5 knitting needles. Whoops. I got the confused. I need size 1. Hm. ?

Well, I need to go to bed. So I’ll see you all tomorrow! Have a good Sunday. 4 more days until Christmas! 😀



  1. Farmer’s market–what a great idea! I’m planning to hit up a few garage sales in the next few weeks. I forgot all about FMs. I’m going to check one out.


  2. I am very uncrafty, but have assisted at these type of things with friends. I think you did very well! The custom order is great! I think your pricing sounds competitive which is good in a setting like a farmer’s market.

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