Looking forward to the weekend.

Right now, especially tomorrow when I’ll be a vendor at the Farmer’s Market the guy whose shop I’ve got consignment items at is hosting (or whatever you call it). Unfortunately, T will have to get some sleep in the hours that it’s on, so I’ll have to bring the kids, but I’ve already got P’s backpack packed so that he’s got something to do. At least for an hour (*insert eye roll here*). I’m hoping it will go well and not be too stressful, but after the snow, and because I’ve got no real babysitter….I want to heave a huge sigh, and just say forget it. But I also spent all this evening hand-lettering signs and price tags (because we have no printer), and I’d really like to bring in some extra money this holiday season. At any time during the year, but right now, I think I’ve mentioned it before, money is just so dang TIGHT. 😐

You know, this blogging/computer thing is really bad. It’s so dang addicting. I’ve just GOT to do these memes, it’s a burning thing, and then don’t even get me into Entrecard, my latest addiction. Have I mentioned it? I’m amazed the house got clean (well, not really, despite the fact that I do still feel something hovering, I’m not feeling so bad that I can’t pick up the floor. I got rather…uneasy with my floor before putting the little guy to bed, so it got picked up.). But it’s after 2 and I’m still up. That’s fine, I’ll be heading to bed now that I’ve got the box of crocheted items all packed and labeled and ready to go. Just gotta bring down the old tree tomorrow, and then put it all in the car and head off. Make sure we have our chairs. They should all be in the car. Take a shower before we head off too. Can’t smell, can I? That would drive customers away. If we even get any. I need to do some more crocheting….I’m getting tense. No, I think I’ll just go to bed.

Have I mentioned that T is talking to D again? I don’t think he really believes me, but I think praying to God that He’d convict T’s heart to talk to his daughter again, even a little bit, and that things would work themselves out, really did work! I’m not one to doubt God anymore, but it’s great to point out when He comes through for you! 😀 Seeing some things from my daughter when things started not happening as it were, my mom made the comment that things were getting so bad that D turned to God about it, and was using these things to bolster herself and make herself feel better….I have to say, I’m really happy to see her doing these things. And don’t you think that the FIRST person you should go to about things is God anyhow? I mean, my kid’s putting Him first, isn’t that GREAT? Again, I’m amazed at HER faith, HER relationship with God (it says something about the foundation of her relationship with her daddy, since they really are mirror images of each other.). I could learn a thing or two from her. Shh, don’t tell her. She’s so much like her dad—I know she’d find a really good quip or snark about that, and go a mile with it. *sigh*

Okay, take care all. I need to hit the sack!

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