Thursday and Friday

Yesterday went well. I don’t have much to complain about. And today actually seems to be shaping up pretty good, despite the fact that we’re supposed to get trounced with snow. It was supposed to start good and early down here in the Southern Tier of Western New York, and then it would move up to the Buffalo area. Turns out, it started nice and early up there, and didn’t start here until about 8am (it was supposed to be 6am). And from what I’ve heard from the older child (who is home because school was canceled), it’s not coming down hard even now (I just haven’t looked out the window yet.). We’ve still got money errands to run, but those will be for later when T gets up.

Otherwise, since P and I got up about 9:30, I’ve been sitting here, poking at things, checking my stats (yay, I got an all time high of 94 viewers yesterday. I’m psyched! So far only 3 today, but there’s still time), and poking at Entrecard.

I was going to have a whole post about Entrecard, asking about how people do theirs, pointing out all the possibilities, etc etc. But I trashed it. I didn’t get to do much yesterday, so I did all of about 10 clicks. That’s why I sit here today, dropping back on people who have dropped on me over the last 24 hours or so, and clicking on the people they’ve got up on their widget. I’m hoping for more people to come and request advertising on mine, I’m at only 128 to advertise with me. And I’ve got a few ads out there. Not sure what I intend to do with all this, but I guess it’s a good ego stroke to see who comes in to see my ramblings 😀



  1. I don’t understand how people can do 300 EC drops a day…I get so side tracked actually reading the interesting blogs (like yours) I just don’t get many clicks in each day! LOL! But I’m enjoying discovering new blogs (well, ‘new’ to me that is!) which then makes me take even longer to do my EC drops because I’m spending all my time reading instead of clicking! 🙂 I happily come to see your ramblings almost daily! 😉

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