Wordless Wednesday – Lego Fun!

Last night when we were picking up, my little guy started going “elephant, elephant.” And he was holding this clump of Legos I had noticed on the floor earlier, since one of the things that needed picking up was all his Legos. I took a closer look, and saw that what he was holding in fact looked like an elephant. And I KNOW that clump of blocks didn’t have a nose before he started pointing it out! And he’s the only one who would have added that nose….so I think my little guy’s imagination is amazing. Growing by leaps and bounds!

showing off
showing off
Nose View
Nose View
Back View
Back View


  1. Be glad he told you what it was. My kids would make “creations” and then ask me what I thought of them. Heaven forbid I guessed wrong about what they were!

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