Thursday Thirteen – More from Colorado and Wyoming!

As promised, more pictures from my family’s trip to Colorado and Wyoming back in August. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ Click on the banner to visit other participants ๐Ÿ™‚



A blur on 14.
A blur on 14.

This was me trying to take a picture from the backseat of the car, in an effort to illustrate how vast the space is between places. This was the first of just a few on the way into Ault, where we had to turn to go back up to Cheyenne from picking up T’s mom in Sterling.


Cross on missle silo (?) on 14.
Cross on missle silo (?) on 14.

This is perhaps one of my most favorite things to see along 14—and one I’m most puzzled about. We’re pretty sure the mound it’s on has a missile silo on the other side (not the most effective camo), but I’m curious why there’s a cross on there. It makes sense in some ways, but in others it doesn’t. This is probably also the only one out of sequence, it should probably go 2 on, but I wanted to post it now. ๐Ÿ™‚


This really upset me.
This really upset me.

Up to this point, this is the thing that upset me the most during this trip (and probably still stands out as the most irritating). We had just driven 2 hours both ways to pick this woman up and bring her someplace that’s got more to do, more people to be with, etc, and instead of spending time with her grandkids, which she doesn’t see but maybe every 2 years, she sits her butt in front of one of the 2 laptops in the house, and spends the majority of the 2 days she’s there on it!!!


Rt. 14 on the way back to Sterling
Rt. 14 on the way back to Sterling

On the way back to drop her off. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be the last time we saw her on the trip (but things didn’t get much better. Did I mention that if she did talk to the kids, it would more often than not be in a very mean tone, or just yelling?)


Windmills on the way back to Sterling
Windmills on the way back to Sterling

I believe I mentioned my awe in not only being so far up in the mountains for a lot of this area, but also my amazement over the windmills (and my wish for more people to get their heads out of their bums and accept them here on the windy hills of Chautauqua County—though that part might have been yet another post—I have a picture in mind that illustrates their use here in WNY, up in the Buffalo area ๐Ÿ˜€ ) in last week’s TT. Well, here are some in action, along 14.


There were some possible meteorological disturbances over Sterling on our way back, and T and his mom were in awe of the skies (more her than him though), so he took a few pictures. This is one.

7. 7-1ofthereasonsilovecowy

One big reason why I love Colorado and Wyoming (literally and figuratively)—The Mountains!!! This is on the way to….

8. 8-onwaytolaporte

My fil’s house in Laporte, where we’re supposed to live at first when we move out there ourselves. If we ever do ๐Ÿ™‚

9. 9-backwaywecamelincolnhighway

The Lincoln Highway back towards Cheyenne.

10. 10-whereweregoinglincolnhighway

The Lincoln Highway on the way to where we’re going.

11. 11-sinclair

Sinclair, Wy. I imagine it smells a lot like Cheyenne on it’s worst days. I’m glad we didn’t have the windows down. Not that that’s easy in a van.

12. 12-phonepoles14

T loves optical illusions, and he loves the one these electric poles make. ๐Ÿ™‚

13. 13-lastday

Our last morning there. Then it was off to the airport, and home ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d prefer to have stayed (though not spend much time with his mom or grandma :-|), but our lives are still out here right now.



  1. I loved your pictures of Wyoming and Colorado. I was born and raised in Casper Wyoming. I miss seeing the antelope and the spectacular sunsets. Thanks for sharing.
    Army Mom

  2. I lived in Colorado for nearly 50 years!!! I know this area very well….and Sinclair Wyoming….that’s all that’s there. but y’know? Those are really pretty going through there at night with all the lights on.

    Laporte And Sterling and highway #14!!! Know it well.

    Come by and visit with me today and check out my thirteen if you have a little time. Happy Thursday.

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