Yummy Sunday Week 1

I just found this meme, so if I decide to continue it (which I hope I will), then I will be putting it together with my post for Randomness. 😀

I promise this will be the last time I post THIS picture of Cinnamon Rolls (no promises if they keep turning out so great!).

The point of this meme is to post pictures of food, either that you made or that you had somewhere else (maybe one day some sushi for me). It was started over on our family story just last month. Enjoy one last look at my Cinnamon Rolls from this week. Next week, maybe I’ll post more, or maybe some of some cookies…

Last time, I *promise*
Last time, I *promise*


    1. Yup, using the recipe adaptation for the Amish Friendship Bread starter…that was in a post last week, but here‘s the site I go for a lot of my AFB adaptation recipes. My favorite part, by far, is the KNEADING!!! It just gets fun after a while!

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