Ending a decent weekend.

I think this weekend has gone pretty well. D and T still aren’t talking (still more on his end than hers 😦 ), but all the rest was good. I got the pattern printed out for the next Custom Baby Name Afghan I’ve got, and I’m already done with the date on the thing. I am not crazy about having to change yarn brands, but it’s not a bad thing either.

But unfortunately I think I’m starting to come down with something—probably whatever P had 😦 Poor little thing had a cold, I think he passed it on to mommy. Hopefully the worst holds off until late Tuesday or Wednesday, since I’ve got MOPS thing to deal with—making cookies tomorrow, mainly for the cookie exchange, but you know I’m also on a baking binge at the moment, then MOPS on Tuesday, when I have to go in really early plus I promised one of the moms who sat with my group once that I’d give her a ride. I’ve got to make an egg dish, which needs to be assembled and baked before I leave to go pick said woman up, at about 8:40 Tuesday morning. I think I can do it with a little planning and evaluating of the recipe. So if I’m not on much tomorrow, you all know why. Which stinks because I have been having fun Entrecard dropping, and I’d like very much to write a post about becoming a Christian Carder through that. I think that one can be exciting. Unfortunately, right now I want to have another reheated Cinnamon Roll (sounds sorta bad, but it tastes oh so good!), and work a bit more on that blanket before I get to bed. And one day I’d like to make more Thursday Thirteen banners, which I will put up in a tab! 😀


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