Thursday, Mid Day

My stomach is grumbling. But then, I think yours would be too smelling these baking in the oven:

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls!!!
Homemade Cinnamon Rolls!!!

I JUST took them out.

Now there are only 2 questions:

1. Can I have one with coffee? – The answer to this is no. I have no more creamer and, oh yeah, I quit drinking that again. Addendum to that question: Raspberry or Chamomile? That’s all the tea flavors I have. Raspberry it is then, I guess 🙂

2. Can I put half of them away in the freezer for later? I don’t want to end up feeling like a pig, and it would be nice to have some for later too. I’ve managed to put the second of the breads away, plus the biscuits I made and the cookies (not that it matters with those because the ones from the recipe on the lid of the oatmeal container are better). So let’s see if I can do that with these. The pan on the left are the ones which would go.

Wow, nice computer. This site usually saves your blog progress from time to time, but it didn’t between when I got up to do some stuff and came back. I got a lot done at least—checked other blogs (and got all the way through the ones I wanted to look at), checked over my checkbook (got the full compliment of money this week, and T is going to fix it so the credit union comes before all other Direct Deposits, yay!), put that pan of Cinnamon Rolls away, shuffled around the stuff I need to bring to MOPS on Tuesday for the craft for our cookie swap day. I’m going to sit down soon and do some knitting, and do some shopping list making, and maybe pay a bill, and wash some clothes as well.

Maybe I’ll have some milk with the rolls instead. Hm. I’ve already got the tea made though…oh well, go on wishing you had smell-o-vision, cause these rolls are AWESOME!!!


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