What happened on Wednesday?

Nothing, really, more than I had planned. I finished dishes (and the day, with an empty sink!), did various other house cleaning duties, played around with Paint Shop Pro to prep pictures to post them to the blog for my Thursday Thirteen post, which is now finished and scheduled (I’m going to try hard to put copyright markings on all pictures I post here that aren’t of something I can’t copyright, of pictures or even tools that I create myself), and did some more work on the sock I’m making, not to mention post a bunch of books, that D brought out of her room, on PaperBackSwap.com. Gotta love that site. Also, I made oatmeal cookies from that Amish Friendship Bread batter (not nearly as AWWWWWESOOOOOOME! as the ones from the recipe right on the top of the Quaker Oatmeal container!) and prepped the sponge for Cinnamon Rolls in the morning. I think a big part of why they came out so awesome last time was because I gave that batter an extra day to ferment on top of what it originally calls for.

My headache is mostly gone. I found out where the Motrin was hiding one time when I went into our bedroom and T was sort of awake and took 2. That was hours ago and it returned for a bit, but then I put P to bed and I guess something in the laying down made it a bit better. Don’t really know or understand that sometimes. 😐 But I’m better now. Maybe I just needed a little bit to eat, because it’s been really better since dinner and putting P to bed. Hmm…no idea, but that’s the human body for ya.

But, now that my home is somewhat put together (even before I put P to bed) and it’s nice and quiet around here, I’m going to go to bed.

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