That’s Tuesday

And now it’s all over, by about 13 minutes. No big. It wasn’t a bad day. I had a MOPS Steering Team meeting, and then I met up with the mentor for MOPS at the church, and then I came home and baked. I made the Amish Biscuits, with the Amish Friendship Batter, and the original Amish Friendship Bread recipe. Within the next 24-48 hours, I plan to make Cinnamon Buns again. Also, I’d like to try making some cookies with it too. If it works out, then I might do them for the cookie exchange at MOPS on Tuesday. I don’t give many if any of the bags out when I make the batter up, I use them myself. It’s fun, gives me something to do and feeds my family. Not that I don’t already have enough to do! I put aside one of them (and used the other 3—well, after the Cinnamon Buns and cookies are made the other 3 will be used), so I’d have it if I needed it 🙂

Oh, I had so much else I wanted to chat about and/or do, but now I’ve come to realize how tired I really am, so I think it’s time to finish some dishes and then go to bed!!!

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