Monday’s Musings

It’s been a sort of slow day. Nothing too big going on, other than the fact that the mentor for MOPS called today. We have a meeting for the Steering Team tomorrow, but she also wanted some information on a friend of D’s. Also, to see if I’d like to stop by tomorrow after the meeting and pick up some groceries. See, because the big thing I know is sort of a surprise coming from someone I don’t know how to give a gift back to is from the church, which means from God. And it may not be just the food. Which is nice. It might be more.

Last night was something else. There’s some unease between T and D, and I don’t know if it’s just because she’s going through that transition of no longer being our little girl or what, but it’s sometimes difficult around here. Sometimes I think now I understand what my dad had to go through—my mom and I would always butt heads.

I’ve been doing pretty good these last few days. No major downs, no major problems. Just a little cold—but I fixed that. Because what I mean is that it felt cold in here. Turns out a window wasn’t closed all the way like I thought it had been. I had T take care of that this evening, when it occurred to me again to try to do something about it. Now my fingers are nice and toasty instead of icicles!!! 😀

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