Finishing Saturday

Just getting ready for turning in for the night, having dinner and watching some tv, picking up toys, etc, and watching tv. There’s nothing really on, and I’ve watched all my stuff on DVR. What’s a girl to do? Well, I forgot to post something in my last chatty post, and then I’m going to go back in the living room and work on crochet/knitting projects some more. We’re watching the History Channel and their Modern Marvels on Salt. Yum.

This afternoon my dad finally came over with his rental vehicle. The transmission of his car gave up (he drives 50 miles plus up to Buffalo and back each day, plus he was putting in at least another 100 miles one way to go see mom each weekend while she was down in Ohio, so he put on something like 120K miles since he bought it), so he’s looking for a new car now. He’s got a Dodge Dakota 4 door, 2008. We went for a drive with him, over to see mom and then to do some shopping so we could see if we could find boots that are easier to put on than the ones her roommate already has. Couldn’t find them, at WalMart or Payless. My mom’s putting my sister on the hunt, because she’s down in a slightly bigger town.

So, to what I didn’t post before. The first thing to go up decoration wise was our nativity scene. T’s stepmother put together and sent it to us after he moved out here:

Our nativity scene and other small items for display
Our nativity scene and other small items for display

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