Chatty Day #4

How lucky are you to be subjected to my fourth day in a row of really chatty posts. And yesterday counts because I posted a Thursday Thirteen (and I originally started this post yesterday). 😀 Lucky Lucky you! 🙂
And not only am I getting chatty, but yesterday was a productive day. I started it by walking the treadmill. For a whole 18 1/2 minutes. I had a goal of 15 minutes, but just before it hit 15, “Comin’ Home” by Cinderella came on, and I was in a the groove between that and hearing The Doors…I think oldies like that are my workout music. Good thing, because I like them so much. Otherwise they wouldn’t be on my mp3 player. I’m dreading it today.

Also, I sorted through everything that I had sitting on the futon—now the empty Christmas stuff boxes are sitting there. I straightened my kitchen, because it had blown up into quite a mess due to others in this house who won’t go named (T), and I folded clothes. I also straightened more parts of different rooms around here that hadn’t been handled yet.

But the biggest thing I did yesterday, that had me really excited, was making my own laundry detergent. I am trying to make a slow progression to a more economical and more green way of life, even if I don’t get it all perfect. I had thought about it off and on, then I saw that the Duggers make their own laundry soap(can you imagine the cost if they didn’t?!?!?), AND that it’s really super easy—if you can cook, you can make the soap! I had wanted to use their recipe, but didn’t write it down when I first saw that particular episode, so I went searching for it on the net. This is the one I used. Yesterday afternoon we went about finding a pot at Salvation Army, and some kind of grater, that we could use exclusively for the process. We found a crank cheese grater—all it needed was a set screw that was like 50¢—and an old pot. It came to $10 all together—but I figure that with the price of anything now a-days, the upfront cost will be more than paid for with the first bucket of laundry detergent. Tonight I can wash my first load with it 🙂

Then I went to bed at 11, and it was all over. No more crocheting or knitting like I had wanted to do, no more dishes (which is fine because the sink was empty), no more tv, no more picking things up (which is fine again because the floor just needs vacuumed), no more putting things away (okay, the towels of the clothes I folded need to get put away, but at least they’re folded and in front of the bathroom door), just sleep. Pretty restful, I might add, because of that walk yesterday. I’ve got to get one in today. 😐

Well, I will have my replacement Friday’s Feast, Food 4 Thought Friday, posted just as soon as I go over to Beacon of Hope and copy it 😀 Look for it! 😀 I might do what she does, and do the Friday Fill-In too. It looks like fun 🙂


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