Week Dividing Wednesday.

The only thing in the week (hopefully) that Wednesday is dividing is…well, the week. Have you ever noticed that? Wednesday comes right in the middle of the week? Cuts it neatly right in half. You have the first half of the week, where everything seems to be reeving up, and then after Wednesday, you have the second half, where it’s all winding down. Poor T. Because he took the first two days of the week off, he feels like it’s the end of the week already. Or the beginning. He was commenting earlier how it feels odd that payday is here so fast. Hmm. I suppose he’s right. But next week’s payday just can’t come fast enough 😐 The tragedy of being the working poor and living paycheck to paycheck. Makes me feel bad for all those other paychecks that got frittered away….on groceries, or yarn, or gas, or….all the things I find I still need to take care of even though the bills are getting bigger and his check is almost shrinking, due to hikes in those same-said bills and the premiums on things like our health insurance or the decrease we’re contemplating in his hours. I’ve thought off and on about going out and getting a job. Funny thing is, it occurred to me Monday night that I’ve been thinking of going off to work in terms of a full time job. I need to start looking for something part time. I’m not sure what I’m going to go looking for. I guess I should go to the local employment agency first, huh? Or the Employment office.

Anyhow, right now despite these ponderings, I’m not feeling all that bad. I’m in an up mood. I think it’s because of WHAT week out of the month this is. I’m not numbing my feelings with food right now–got rid of all the sweets (the old fashioned way—we all ate them) I had made (and those cinnamon buns WERE really good this time too! Gotta see if I can’t hit it right next time too.), and even though it’s the day before payday, it’s not like I’ve got to go out and get groceries right away.

Something I’ve been meaning to attend to. Maybe now I will be energized enough, by using my treadmill because I moved it today to a place where it’s way more accessible, that I’ll be inspired to start writing again. Which means for any fans out there of say, the Clifton Saga, there might be more installments. That would be nice. I know I haven’t done much writing or keeping up with Velvet’s Challenge lately. Sorry, my bad. 😦

Well, it’s late at night and I’ve been busy most of the day. I wish I had gotten to bed earlier, but really most of the time when I do it’s because I’m not feeling well. Which is sad, because if I get to bed at like 10, then I can get up at 8, and do well for most of the day, with lots of vigor and energy and get a lot done. Let’s hope for better. And still getting up at 8 so I can do some…God and me time 😀

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  1. You haven’t missed much with Velvet lately. she has been busy and the 100’s have been slow in coming. But glad to see you’re in a good mood – and YES – get on that treadmill.

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