Tuesday Tuesday…

Was a very good day. And I was rightly corrected on my identification of the singers of “California Dreamin'” by someone who would have after all been there when the song first came out. I’m starting to feel that feeling—of going “I remember when” or “I know that song” or “I know that band”—with my daughter already. She’s friggin’ 12 people! No, I mean she’s 12 years old, not 12 PEOPLE. Anyhow. She’s ALREADY starting to like bands, and recently got into the sorta “boy crazy” phase. Man, I was in that from like kindergarten (I can still tell you who I liked that year, and I’m happy to say that he was the valedictorian for the school D is currently attending). And she’s into alternative music (not so bad—I liked that too myself, I just didn’t like exclusively that, and it wasn’t ALL Marilyn Manson-esque when I was in high school. Just the Marilyn Manson stuff *insert eye roll here*). Okay, so it’s not ALL MM-esque, but that doesn’t mean I like it all either. :-S Interesting to know what kind of kid she’s starting to be. Hmm

Other things about today…I have started to move this apartment around again. The sunroom/entryway/I never know what to call it started to look a little crowded, and it sorta felt like some of the stuff was blocking the windows (there’s a wall of windows, not the whole wall but the top half of course). So I moved some things around. The house still sorta looks like one room threw up into another, but I’m going to quickly remedy that. And I’m going to get the Christmas decorations down from the storage room upstairs so that I can start decorating for Christmas. That will feel nice, and hopefully improve or keep my mood up for the rest of the year.

Speaking of Christmas….well, for one I was approached by the pastor that’s the MOPS mentor about whether we would accept the church doing some stuff for us for Christmas. I thought it would be a bit easier to say yes to them than my parents (which is it’s whole own issue, that I won’t get into really right now….not that they are bad people or would make me feel bad for them volunteering to do something for us or anything—because when my parents do something, it’s more often than not because my mom volunteered than than because I’ve asked for something. In fact, I’m proud to say that other than asking my grandparents 2 or 3 times for help, I’ve never asked my family for anything. At least, not that I can remember, and I think I would because even though I know my parents love me and support me, and do what they do out of love, I’d feel obligated. Well, with church…I still sorta feel obligated, and feel obligated even now to do as much as I can for others, so I think I’ll be doing a lot more sweaters, and I’ll be trying hard to help others when things are better on the financial end for us.

No word yet on any compensation with the consignment. I went and visited my babies today—someone (Andrew, the guy that runs it, or someone else, who knows?) put one of the hats up on a head. And he said someone was looking at the dishcloths. I’m not going to hold my breath, but of course I’m going to patiently wait.

A small surprise, sorta and sorta not—T got me a new mp3 player. I have one—a Zen one, but it has no screen, so I can’t read what it is I’m listening to. Which I guess is okay, and I’ve been living with that…it’s fairly simple to page through it and get to the song I’d like to hear when I’m listening to another one…I learned in the short time after I first got it that I knew where it was, how to do that with ease. In fact, D found it in the futon the other day—I don’t know how she came about finding it, I think she just sorta looked down and there it was. But, we got one for her when we were out in Wyoming, and hers has a screen, and I liked that. Well, come to find out T found one on ebay—not a big named one, or anything like that, but one with a screen, from Hong Kong (it’s amazing how many things he’s gotten that have come out of Hong Kong. Not really, since Asia’s a kind of Silicon Valley in a way…not trying to knock it, just pointing out the obvious). Everything with it’s in English…but it looks a bit like an Ipod, right down to the controls I don’t like (but that aren’t as finicky as the Ipod T had gotten for opening that one account a few years back, which I eventually drowned). I’ve already been working on dealing with it…in fact as I type the songs on my old mp3 player are going transferred to it. Again. Which is it’s own explanation, that I’m not going to bore you with. Except to say that I love to sit down and work on figuring out electronic stuff like that. Like, when I have a cell phone I sit down and figure out how to work it. Man, I bet I’d have a lot of fun with an Iphone or one of those new Verizon ones. Anyhow. So, today at MOPS one of the moms (in fact, the one that I’m doing a meal with, for another mom who has recently had a masectomy [sp?]) was trying to get her phone set to vibrate just in case, since she doesn’t often bring her kid with, and has someone else watching her. And I was looking over her shoulder trying to tell her many phones have that one button on the bottom left corner that will let you just push that and it’s then set on vibrate. Because I have to sit down and figure out any phone or little electronic device I get, to know what it does and how to use it. I did the same when I saw my sister’s mp3 player. I wanted to look it over and figure out how it works. She had a small time getting it from me. 😛 Hee hee. I’ll have this one down by the end of the week. Just in time to lose it! LOL! 😀

Well, this may be the last night I get T all to myself overnight until Christmas. He’s got 2 weeks off, by default, from Christmas Eve to the 4th of January. And he’s paid for pretty much every day of the week (not the weekends). Well, every day of those, cause he’s able to use some of his vacation next year for the 4 days that aren’t paid holidays. I’m going to be sick of him by the time it’s over! LOL!!!


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