More on Monday

Yeah, I don’t know what it is but I’m feeling somewhat chatty today. Must be my dark mood was related to just being a woman. Because other than being a bit…tired (less than I have been) and achy (again, must less than I have been and now with origins I know of), I’m good. Even pondering the…near negativity of our checkbook balance, I’m not as down as I have been.

There needs to be a bit of a correction from a few days back. I know why there have been some interesting developments. But I didn’t really know why I had been feeling better. Now I do.

The interesting development, one at least, I know why it happened—because I had to open my mouth. After the church’s Santa in the Park this weekend, I suggested we stop by at a shop in a building downtown. I had noticed this shop because it’s in my favorite store front in that particular building. Except for the last store (a sportswear shop), there have been cool shops in this particular store front—it was a news and ice cream store when I lived down here as a kid, before we moved to the house my parents own, and it was a video store when we were in our first apartment. Then it was a sorta new agey store that we’d frequent. Long story short, I asked how one goes about selling there, and it went from there. So now I have several scarves, hats, dishcloths and socks for sale at that store. Now I’m working on another set of socks to sell. 🙂 I’m going to keep going with that for a while. They’re actually kinda fun.

I think that’s it again. I’m getting tired yet again 😐


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