The wonders of things…

Sometimes I just want to sit down and marvel at it all.

So, lately I’ve been feeling really down. I don’t know what’s going on with my body half the time, I feel big as a house (because, frankly, in my eyes I AM big as a house…here, for the first time, I will show you how…)

This is how I look now.
This is how I look now.

I’ve been working hard to concentrate on my Biblical Studies. I might as well just go with calling it that. I know once I start on the path to seriously examining my spirituality such as it is, I will be able to go far. The first step I’ve taken on this path, before all the reading and devotionals, and all that, is to pray. A little bit here and there for a while, and I try to so some praying and reflecting on the day when I put P down for bed.

But then this last Monday night, I prayed that I would get up and start a morning ritual of giving time to Him. I haven’t done it every single day, at least not the exact praying part, but I’ve realized….well, every morning since then, I’ve woken up and realized it was His answering that prayer. Because each morning, for one reason or another, I’ve woke up at 6-8:15 and stayed up. I’ve gone to bed no later than midnight.

Of course, the answered prayers didn’t start there. They started back Sunday before last, where I had thought that very morning that I should talk to the mom from MOPS that I got the Amish Friendship Bread starter from before about getting some more, since the ones I had put in the freezer had been there over the time they should have been so I wasn’t going to use them. And then that morning, what’s on the table in the coffee area? Amish Friendship Bread and starters.

This morning’s makes me giggle….but let’s just say the married in the bunch would understand without me saying much. I just needed something only T could give me. 😉

Finally, a really odd answer to a prayer. As the next step on my journey, the first book I’ve decided to read (besides the Bible) is Stormie Omartian’s Greater Health God’s Way. This afternoon, I got a phone call from this….program that our health insurance has. “No extra cost” and all that. Where a nurse is available to answer questions and help you on your path of health management. The only real diagnosed problem I’ve got is “morbid obesity.” So I went with that when I was talking to the guy. Hmm….earlier, I had been thinking about starting Weight Watchers on my own. Starting up a spread sheet to keep track of my Points. Could it be…? What I’d really like to know is if I can have the Weight Watchers membership paid for through our health insurance. It would be nice, I’ve heard it’s possible depending on certain requirements….maybe it could happen for me. 🙂 Wouldn’t that be nice?


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  1. That would be very nice. There is one and only one reason that I would encourage you to change anything about you. And that is your health. Carrying more weight than you should is a major health risk, long term. It is so much easier to enjoy God’s creation when you are healthy than it is when you are trying to manage health issues and the things associated with them. Be good to yourself, Allison. I’m willing to bet that God wants you to be good to yourself.

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