There was a reason…

I once called this blog “Allison’s Roller Coaster”. Or maybe it was “AngelGal’s Roller Coaster”…either way…there was a reason. Because when you least expect it, life goes up and down. Some times it’s a gentle climb, sometimes it’s a sudden one, and sometimes you go back down slowly, sometimes it’s quick and way too sudden. At least then you KNOW when your life is making an adjustment.

That’s sorta how these last few days have felt.  We’ll start with the weekend—I don’t think I really need to rehash that, that’s just where things start.  Recovering from that, I felt good on Monday, and looked forward to Tuesday.  And Tuesday went really great.  I was happy I got out and voted as soon as and when I wanted to, and MOPS went decently as well.

Of course, it goes without mentioning that the actual election of Obama was a very high point for this week.  I’m certainly cautiously optimistic now.  I admit I can see in some ways how the people who don’t like him could be right (I won’t go into it), but more of me thinks their thoughts on why he’d be wrong originate from a place of ignorance and misinformation, And more of me hopes that his presentation of hope is genuine.  I have things I don’t agree with and such with what I’ve heard of his history—but I believe in the possibility of this nation coming together and really hitting it out of the park too.  Mostly, I feel a lot better now than I did even last week.  Even with the rest of what went on, and the realization I had with that…so let me get to it.

So, I get up Wednesday morning, knowing there’s a reason to be happy–the man I voted for for president won, it’s a landmark occurrence in our history, etc etc.  Then I find my husband asleep on the futon.  A full half an hour before he’s usually supposed to be home.

He had gotten suspended.  Why is a long drawn out thing that I’m not really going to go into here…it’s more his to explain anyhow.  I asked him why…he was just barely awake, but he was able to get out that he was suspended.  I told him to finish the explanation when he (we) got up later, and went about what I was doing and returned to bed.  (it was after all my morning “constitutional”)  When I got up, he filled in the details.

He got phone calls from both the union rep and the supervisor involved for their meetings.  One meeting was this morning, where he was taken off suspension, the other is tomorrow afternoon at 3.  I’m hoping all of this isn’t too bad for us…I didn’t know what to imagine or anticipate about it, so my first prayer was simply “please let it be better than I may start imagining.”  He’s been fired before (long story there–but it was simply turned into a 2 or 3 week suspension), and I immediately instituted procedures for him finding a new job–we went to the unemployment office that next day to get him getting unemployment payments, and we started looking into a new job for him.  That’s when we decided it was time for him to start learning to drive, and why he now has his license.

So, I realize now this is probably that thing I’ve been waiting for.  And some pretty big decisions are going to have to start being made.  Now it’s almost imparative that we get out of here.  And we may have to go outside the school district (as much as D might not like that.  I don’t either, but what can you do?).  I  might have to start looking for a job.  I LOVE being a SAHM, but if that’s what I have to do, then that’s what I’ll have to do.  He might have his job back now, but what if in tomorrow’s meeting he loses it?  Or later for something else?

Thing is, I realized earlier this evening that I feel like things are looking better.  With this “dawn of a new age” as some pundits are putting it, things seem brighter, that maybe something GOOD will happen, can happen.  I realized that I’ve felt better still than I have in a while…it started on Election Day, and I think even with the dip from the crazy stuff with T’s work, I am still optimistic.


  1. Hang on to that optimism, girl. And you do what you have to do. I like your attitude. You’re a good woman, Allison. You deserve things to go well, for you and for those you care about. You just keep poking at it it will come around to your turn – you too, have a turn coming at happiness.

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