Today is thankfully better than this weekend.

Actually, that’s just my response when anyone at MOPS asked me how I was—“better than I was this weekend.”  So a few ladies got my grueling description of how I think either I had kidney stones, which is a big possibility because of family history, or I dehydrated myself.  Really, I only told the ladies that I know would care—the pastor that’s the mentor, the lady who runs the child education at the church, my co-coordinator for the discussion groups.  Not that anyone else would, but those are the main ones.

I feel better now.  Good thing actually DO like water.  I’m again swearing off coffee.  It’s not that I’m addicted to it or anything, but it’s like a drug addict or bad alcoholic with their drug of choice—I just can’t have a little bit.  So all coffee that gets made here goes to T.

I did as I said I would, and voted asap.  T and I left here at just after 8, and we were back about 8:30.  It’s a small area, a small town, and I guess not everyone wanted to vote first thing.

I’ve had a rough weekend and a late night last night and a early morning this morning, so I’m going to be off to bed here shortly.  The things I have to pick up and clean can wait until tomorrow.

And, of course, the resident manager never did turn up 😐


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